My future job 我的未来职业 英语作文

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一:初二英语作文带翻译my future job

Everyone has the future also include me I also have a dream I will have a lot of change in the future for example my looks my work my hobbies and so on there will be change.

I think I will have a long brown hair I will be fatter than now and I will higher than now this is not I can decide. But I want to be a host. However I would like to be an English teacher because I like children they are clever and lovely and I can help children open their eyes in the world and I believe I can give them a good start. So I must learn English well I can easier to get the job in the future I will probably won't be famous.

As for my hobbies I would very much like to drawing cartoon characters and reading magazines. But in the future I'll be more like skating and singing songs because they are exciting and interesting they can keep me healthy。

I hope my future plan will come true they are very wonderful isn't it?





二:我未来的工作 My Future Job 英语作文200字

I'm not sure about the future. Because I am not really sure what I'll be doing in the future. And I think the future is far away from me. I'm not really sure if I really have a chance in the future.

I guess that I will be working and may be a interpreter or a pilot. I like English. I think English is very useful and it is very difficult and exciting. I'm interested in it.

Perhaps it is a good or interesting career for me. I like travelling too. I want to travel around the world. But I'm too busy enjoying my life now. In the weekdays I have many subjects to learn.And in the weekends I have many friends with me. Sometimes we go shopping and sometimes we do many different things. I have a good family and I must look after my parents because I have grown up.I think it is enough for me. So I don't worry about the future.I'm really sure I will have a good and nice future if I work hard at my study.